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Little light sweaters for spring

“In April, do not discover a thread”. This saying reason in your heads at all the beginnings of spring. However, every first ray of sunshine, you have only one desire: sunbathe after a picnic, during a glass on the terrace or during a Sunday ride. But now, you are quickly caught up in temperatures far from being exotic. So to enjoy this early season without catching a cold (yes, yes, it would be a shame), just go for a small light sweater. How to choose? All explanations here.

1- Choose your spring sweater
First, know that the choice of the material is very important. Unlike winter, do not point to pieces that are too warm or knits with thick wool. Opt instead for light materials: wool made of cotton or silk blend. You can also crack for air mesh slightly openwork or hook way, a trend that is back in force this year.

2- The color, charm of your sweater
Gray, black, beige … The color palette of your sweaters worn this winter has a small side depressing, you do not find? So, quickly we reboost all this and we opt for summer colors, colorful, tart and sparkling. Among the main trends of the season: saffron yellow or lemon yellow, pink, vermilion red and pastel colors.

3- Form, inscription, vintage … I choose which model?
Want a thoughtful purchase and a sweater that you can postpone each spring? Opt for the timeless: the striped sweater. Timeless, it is perfect for your weekends by the sea or for mornings where you are out of inspiration in front of your dressing room. Both classic and trendy, it goes with everything from chino pants, trenches and pumps to boyfriend jeans, a pair of white sneakers and a bomber for a more urban casual look.


The wide sweater in fancy stitch

Knitted in a fancy openwork, but not transparent, this oversized sweater can be worn by discovering a shoulder.

Ideal for summer, this sweater neckline is made of a viscose and linen thread, with a light and soft touch. The edges are finished with fancy ribs.

Place ranks: alternate 1 st with chisel place and 1 st with reverse st at rows to knit stitches as shown.
Fancy stitch: even number of stitches.
1st row and all rows backing: 1 edge stitch, knit all sts inside out, 1 edge stitch.
2nd row = row place: 1 edge st, always knit 2 stitches together, 1 edge stitch. The number of rows decreases by half.
4th row: 1 edge stitch, * 1 increase in the intermediate thread, 1 stitch st, repeat always from * 1 edge stitch. The number of meshes doubles.

6th row: 1 edge st, always knit 2 stitches together, 1 edge stitch. The number of stitches decreases by half.
8th row: 1 edge stitch, * 1 stitch st, 1 increase in the intermediate thread, repeat always from *, 1 edge stitch. The number of meshes doubles.
Always repeat the 8 rows.


In the fashion of the big sweater!

If it remains the unavoidable part of low temperatures, it is rising more than ever to the rank of must have this season. This winter will be big sweater “cuddly” or will not be!

By definition, it is not the most glamorous garment it is. If it has long had its vocation of just “practical”, know ladies that it wants ultra fashion this winter. From podiums to stars, he also joins our dressing room to make us spend a cocooning and resolutely stylish winter. Yes Yes. What make us love winter, definitely …

How to wear the big sweater
To avoid giving the illusion of having taken a size, it is worn “cool” on jeans with a pair of sneakers or ankle boots, sometimes in a garment, sometimes slipped under a jumpsuit for large lookées.

We will also mix it with a skirt or a dress to play the femininity card and make sure you have a chic look to go to the office as if to extend the day.

Good models to adopt
Nostalgia when you hold us … We put on large knit pieces this winter mohair, cashmere or alpaca and we love knitted patterns in the manner of our childhood. By searching well in our closets or in the country house, we find, unless heading to a thrift shop that will surely make us happy at a lower cost.


Graphic sweater: adopt the must-have of winter!

Stripes, checks or triangles, sweaters reinvent themselves with geometric shapes. Result? A magical and stylish equation. Zoom on our favorite models.

Adepts of the fine sweater or snags fluffy mesh, no jealousy: the pull in its graphic version is off-road. On its own, it gives character to our most everyday looks.

With its jacquard and winter sport influences, it is often thought to be reserved for relaxed outfits, worn more easily at weekends than at the office. Error: well accessorized, it can also be ultra chic.

How to wear the graphic sweater?
If it is thin and close enough to the body, the good idea is to wear it as if it were a shirt by slipping it into the waistband of his pants. If, in addition, it contains a little lurex in its composition, it is the guarantee of a rock’n’roll look. Especially if you add black, leather and studded boots.
If it is a big sweater, the exercise is a little more complicated. Just worn on jeans and sneakers, this is the assurance of a chic but cool look. The one that we never tired of wearing to “chill” the weekend.

To vamp and dare to the office during the day, it will be necessary to divert it and mix it with pieces with elegant cuts. A skirt ? She will necessarily be pencil or skater. Trousers ? In this case, it is chosen right and tall. The best is the model slightly “flare” worn with heels that grow the legs. And the sweater? If it’s a round neck or a V-neck, slip him a white shirt underneath, it will be even more chic.
In any case, forget the jeans, even black, and take care of the materials: yes to leather skirts, tweed trousers and woolen chinos.


How often should you wash your wool sweater?

Does the winter essential need to take a ride on the machine very regularly? You are told everything about how to take care of your little wool and you, at the same time!

It’s the sweater crisis in the dressing room and you’re cold. There is one lurking near the laundry basket, so you start counting …

You wore it all day Monday, donned the morning of Tuesday before throwing it near the clothes that will go to the machine at the next laundry. Hesitation is born in you.

But then, how many times or days can it be worn before washing our wool sweater? 1, 2 or even 3 times? That’s right, after all: after how much time of use should you absolutely wash your little sweater to take care of your clothes and wear it cleanly?

In principle, let’s face it – and much to the chagrin of people who tend to wash every piece of clothing after every use like me – you could wear your sweater up to 3 to 4 times before taking it for a ride in the machine. . Only here, this answer is a response of principle that will mostly change depending on how you wear your sweater. Explanations.